Joao White Patchwork Shirt

$220.00 USD
By Eliou


The Joao Patchwork Shirt from RisBier is a one-of-a-kind piece that is handmade with love in Brazil. This shirt is made with deadstock yellow bandana fabric and features hand-made appliques called 'renda rensensa,' a technique originating in Fortaleza, Brazil. Every delicate applique is carefully hand-placed and sewn onto the shirt by Tia Zezeca, one of our co-founders' aunts. Zezeca's work serves as a reminder that love for family and artisanal skills go hand in hand. When this sentiment is reflected in clothing, each piece should be treasured. This shirt is a limited edition, with only 20 units produced. Aaron is 6"1 and is wearing a size large. Troi is 5"7 and is wearing a size extra small.